Would You Be Able To Bring Up A Child Of Character?

Last week a mother of three, one girl and two boys woke up from her sleep in the middle of the night by a cry coming from her children’s bedroom. One of her neighbor s’ eight-year-old son who passes the night at her house whenever the mother was not around was stark naked when she walked into the bedroom. The boy was just coming off her three-year-old daughter whose nightdress had been completely removed and was summoning the girl’s elder brother to also sleep with the sister. The elder brother didn’t waste time in pulling off his night pant. If the mother had not walked in, incest would have been committed in this family. When this boy in question was queried, he said an eight-year-old boy in his school had taught him how to sleep with girls.

This real-life example illustrates the need for mummy’s etiquette training. These individuals’ mothers needed to improve their parental responsibilities in giving their children essential life lessons.

Just raising children in our today’s world that is crippled with all forms of social vices isn’t enough. You have to take it as a serious business to have children who stand out—in a good way in the future.

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