Keeping Your Relationship Renewed

Keeping relationship happier as times goes by is not something that just happen by accident. For happiness to be an ongoing thing in a long time relationship some certain characters are required like paying attention to your partner and loving yourself. In short, to have a nurtured and nourished relationship requires that you learn to love your partner in ways that seemed meaningless, but are quite meaningful to them.

A friend of mine started courting this young man about two and half years ago. At the beginning stage of the relationship everything was quite happier. But of course everyone was on their best behavior to gain love and affection. However, in the recent time, she has been unhappy. She complains to me she miss being love. After countless advice on how to elbow the relationship into a cheerier one and no positive result, I suggested she tell her man what she is going through and what her needs are. Rather for the man to find the way for their relationship to be free of disappointments and emotional baggage, he became absurd, shamelessly saying that the lady has not been acting like she needs loving.

If you’re a man or woman and your partner complains of missing being loved, then you both need to check yourselves. It is time to identify ways to make your relationship healthy and nourished. Try these strategies instead of complaining and aggravating issues with your partner. Here are ten tips that will nurture and nourish your relationship even as time goes by:

Pay more attention to your partner. Ask questions about work, colleagues, customers, friends, parents, interests, siblings, ideas, ideals and experiences. Showing interest in a person keeps your relationship nurtured, nourished and happier.

Spend time with your partner. Do things together. Walk with your partner. If she is a woman, walk with her between shopping. Help her to carry some of the shopping bags. Instead of just lounging in front of the TV while she is cooking, try gist with her and help her around the kitchen. If you are married eat and bathe together to build companionship. Watch movies together. Read a story or a book together. Pray together. Rub minds together. Solve problems together. Wanting to be with someone and do things with them keeps your relationship nurtured, nourished and happier.

Treat your partner with respect. Say “Please” and “Thank you.” Show pleasure in your partner’s accomplishments. Comfort them when they are disappointed. Never say anything behind their back you wouldn’t say to their face. Being supportive and trustworthy keeps your relationship nurtured, nourished and happier.

Be thoughtful. Bring them a flower or anything they would like when visiting. Call or message when your partner is away. Listen carefully to everything they say even if it’s not your area of interest. Give them a small gift that follows up on something nice they do for you. Being sensitive and attentive keeps your relationship nurtured, nourished and happier.

Get the word out. Make your friends or family know that you love your partner. Appreciate them every chance that you get. This sort of thing keeps your relationship nurtured, nourished and happier.

Tell your partner! The constant confession works wonders. Say “I love you.” Every chance you get. If that seems not deep enough, say “I really love you.”

Be considerate. No matter how mad you are at your partner, try making effort to greet them with smile, take care of them, let them settle down before you unleash. I learned this tip from my dad. Being dad’s girl that throws tantrums every now and then, I was actually forced to live this tip for many years until it became a part of me. Treating your partner in this manner shows you are considerate and have respect for them. It’s not all the time your partner is mad at you that you should likewise be mad. Besides that, it shows that you have self-control. This sort of character quality can keep your relationship nurtured, nourished and happier.

Express your needs to be with your partner maturely. Some partner like to be with you every day or talk with you all the time on the phone. Some partner need a lot of time alone. These needs are both valid. But the all the time attention seeking is mature! Let give you an example. A colleague of mine never spends more than two weeks with a girl or at most two months. When you ask him why he lets the girls go easily, he would say they don’t give him breathing space. They want to talk all the time, send him message on all his social media. This gets in his way of thinking or focusing on his job. Every now and then his phone beeps. This can be annoying and make fresh or old relationship bitter.

Balance the intimacy. Keep your relationship nurtured, nourished and happier by giving your partner space to pursue a few desires without you. In your relationship cultivate intimacy as well as independence. Relationship can be dry when a partner is the type that lacks autonomy. Do things that fill up your own time with progress and tell your partner all about it. Your partner will have more fire to want to be around you and love you more.

Don’t stop loving yourself.  Keep your relationship nurtured, nourished and happier by taking care of yourself.  Now that your relationship has come a long way, don’t stop paying attention to yourself. Be appealing and not repulsive. Keep fit, eat well, dress well, smell good and keep your mouth and private areas clean all the time. When you nourish yourself with love and care, your partner will notice. Your relationship will be renewed. Unlike my friend, you would not have the constant need to worry you are not being loved. 

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Bertie said...

Such true words - and I want to add - keep the flame of romance burning
Make the other person feel special-
Never stop touching and kissing - even if its a little peck on the cheek - not all kisses should be passionate - but every kiss should hold a promise

DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting said...

Sounds like you are an expert in relationship Bertie. Perhaps we can share some of your ideas on the topic for my audience. A lot of my friends had lost their partners in the past for failure to do those little things that keep the flame of romance burning in a relationship and make the other person feel special. With pains and sorrows in the world , we all need love, someone to be by our side. So I say we've got to do things right some way in our relationship. Obviously, you've got that right in your life Bertie, and for that, I say weldon! What I like most about your comment "not all kisses should be passionate - but every kiss should hold a promise." Thanks for stopping by. Your comment is really appreciated.

Bertie said...

I want to add a very special item:

There is a saying that a relationship is 50/50 - Really??

Will you be happy of you partner only give you 50%?? Will your partner be happy with only 50% from you.

The truth is that any relationship is 100/100. You need to put in 100% and expect your partner to do the same!

DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting said...

You are right Bertie, any relationship should be 100/100. And I would add that in any healthy relationship, love is actually how much you put out. Both people should love each other just as much and just as strong. Thanks again for your contribution. It's highly appreciated.