Public Indecencies You Should Avoid

Behaving recklessly knowingly or unknowingly in public can have lasting negative effects on your image. Oftentimes, when you assume that it’s your life and is okay to behave as you please in public, you are likely to have an image disaster.

Many years back, I found myself behaving immaturely in public whenever I’m out with friends. This misbehavior left passing well-mannered people around gob struck. While some stopped and took notice when I misbehaved, others simply shook their head as they pass by acknowledging that I lack polish. For most of my younger and teen years I was prevented from going out. So while my friends maintained an inward voice interacting with me in public, I laughed loud and talk about everything on top of my voice. Not that I was not well brought up.

The excitement of being away from my dad’s watch was just usually so overwhelming that I did everything on the extreme with the little freedom I got. Mostly, I became so excited that no caution worked. In like manner, I yelled at my friends when I was angry. I didn’t feel, I was causing anyone harm by talking about everything, laughing loud or fighting and yelling. But of course I harmed nobody by this foolish public misbehavior, but I harmed myself. It was so bad that sometimes, my friends would leave me walking away while I keep yelling. I see these defects in some people today, and find it so displeasing. 

While you may also think that, you harm nobody by behaving as you please in public you are bashing down the fences of your good image and if you don’t work on your flaws soonest, it would soon start affecting your overall image.

Ways to present yourself in impressive manners in public….

  • You should never attract attention to yourself in public in a besmirching ways. This is one of the essential rules of good breeding.

  •  Avoid off-putting manners. No gentleman and lady slot in themselves between people. You should say “excuse me I want to pass” or find other route to get to where you are going.

  • Never chew gum in public smacking loudly. Funny enough I met a lady in recent time chewing gum loudly in the library. Beautiful and corporately well dressed, but no good image.

  • Anywhere in public, you find yourself you should avoid talking or laughing too loud.

  • You should never call out someone in public loudly, except it is totally unavoidable.

  • Avoid exposed clothes.

  • Avoid staring at people, knocking into them, and talking across anyone.

  •  Never expose your private details, feelings, innermost thoughts, business deals, and fallout with friends, family affairs in public.

  • Have a grip on your emotions no matter the circumstance.

  • Never express your anger in a way that attracts passing attention. 
  • Avoid bad remarks that draws attention to you

  • And it is necessary to add, never puff cigarette on others. No gentleman does this.

Image is everything. Stop tearing down your image. Respect yourself. Be impressive. Now that you know you shouldn’t behave carelessly in public, comment on this article, give it a like, share it and follow for more tips.

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