Tips for Posting and Tagging Others

Many of the things you can do with Facebook is show off contents of your blog, promote your business, share videos and photos. As a Facebook user, it is not uncommon thing to log onto your Facebook page to find yourself tagged in a photo album of event you know nothing about.

What is some etiquette rules for posting and “tagging “others on Facebook to keep the Facebook friendship experience fun and respectful?

Avoid posting unappealing photos – no matter how desperate you are to show off your new dress or hairstyle or whatever it is you wish to show off to your Facebook friends, don’t be in a hurry to post. Calm down and edit your photos first before publishing to the world. Don’t just post photos to Facebook. Not every of your photo needs to make it to Facebook, particularly those that are ugly, unfitting, embarrassing and paint a poor image of you and your environment.

Avoid aimless tagging – tagging others in photos that are inappropriate or meaningless is rude. Tag those who are pictured with you in an event to let them know that, the photos of the event are now available online. You can as well tag a few people you wish to see your attractive photos or contents.

Pay attention to your image – if you are tagged in unfitting photos, remove the tag or ask the creator to un-tag you. This is not a rude request to make.

Respect your friends’ wishes – before you post photos of your friends you take together in an event, you should ask your friends first if they want their photos published online. Not everyone likes to see their photos on the internet.

Avoid uploading numerous shots – minimize the number of photos you publish. Not every single snapshot from an event should make it to your Facebook album.

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