How to Be Considerate of Co- Tenants

Which of these do you agree with?

A person should be considerate of co-tenants in the building where he or she lives, and avoid talking loud or playing loud music.

A person can keep noise high, TV, Radio in his or her home not minding co-tenants. After all, is his or her home!

If you agreed with the first statement, then you need to determine in your heart today to change and become an agent of consideration, peace and friendliness who promotes good neighborliness in your community.

If you agreed with the second statement, congratulations you are already a “learning person” who finds it helpful in brushing up on his or her manners.

Being a tenant in a flat, self-contained or owned house is not like living in some face-me-I-face you house. There are some kinds of quiet and peace you get to enjoy when you go to bed at night and when the dawn is near or any time of the day you escape from the noise out there to come back to your house. But this is not always the case anymore, especially in Lagos City where we have people from different part of Nigeria and the world, with fewer sweet and many unsuitable characters. Most people don’t know or don’t care to apply the rules of etiquette that applies to the non soundproofed indoor walls.

When you are fortunate and you can afford a roof over your head or you are staying with somebody, practice good neighborliness. Show respect for others living in the same building or next door with you. Understand that the walls of house are not soundproofed. Loud voices at night or early in the morning can be heard and it is very disturbing.

When it’s late night or early in the morning, be mindful not to make noise. Don’t assume because you sleep early or wake up early that others also keep the same routine and start playing loud music, singing or speaking on top of your voice.

It really might be tempting sometimes for you not to be aware of your voice volume especially when you are in your own house. No one is born to behave properly and appropriately in every situation.

I remember when I was growing up as a teenager, I can wake up anytime of the night or morning and start singing on top of my voice or clattering things as I move about the house. What I get from my old man at this time is: “Child, keep your voice down. Use your inward voice. People are still sleeping." He never got tired of teaching me this good neighborliness and prompt me to use it when need be.

You can also learn this good neighborliness and prompt yourself to use it until it becomes a part of you, and you in turn, influence others.

Lesson - If there is any lesson you take away from this article is that you should be aware of your voice at odd hours when you are around your neighbors, and be even more considerate of your family and friends.

Action to Consider - After 10 P.M. and before 7 A.M., avoid talking loudly. Keep your voice low in your home, including radio and TV. Don’t assume because you sleep late and wake up early that others also keep the same routine.

Sometimes in life you will need your neighbor's help and your neighbor will need you. But the absence of good neighborliness will prevent the chance to get help when pressing need arise. You won't even have the boldness to ask your neighbor for help, because you have not been the peaceful kind. Before I take off my fingers off the laptop keyboard keys for this article, I advice you to add good neighborliness to your dose of healthy living by being considerate of co-tenants, and maintaining proper noise level in your home. Be a person of peace and friendliness in your community.

Now that you know when to keep low noise level in your home comment on this article, give it a like, share it and follow for more tips.


DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting said...

Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.

DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting said...

Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.

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