The Children’s Ears are not blocked

Weak upbringing is the authentic source of every manner of disrespect in children. Some parents today are daily building rude children by constantly indulging in acts that are clearly recorded as reasons for their children to be ill-mannered.

For example, an eight-year old student was told to clear out his table like other students did after lunch at school and he refused. The instructing teacher however, made sure he cleared the table. When he got home, he reported the teacher. When the mother telephoned the teacher, she said the teacher shouldn’t have forced her son to clear the table, because she is even the one who clears his table after meal at home. Since that day onward, this student leaves his table messy after meal.  

Another example is of a student who injured his school mates badly every chance he got to play with them. When his violent acts became much, the teacher punished him. When the student reported the incident to his mother, she called and warned the teacher never to punish her son again. She said whenever her son injures any of the students that, the teacher should just send her the student’s parent’s phone number, and she would appeal to them. The teacher then asked her, “How many parents would you appeal to?” For how long would you continue to appeal to parents if you don’t let this child know what he’s doing is wrong?” and she replied with “As long as my son injures his school mates.”

These two students and many like them are denied the opportunity to be desirous of cultivating good manners that would help them for total success in their academic, personal lives and future businesses. So what if you can’t teach manners at home as parents, or don’t have the energy, time or opportunity to “do it all.” Should you intercept the little morals the school is trying to impart your child when this is all going to be for your later good and the good of the nation tomorrow?

 If you cannot clearly spell out what passes as good manners for yourself as parent and your children, then you are the one to be held responsible for future loose behavior and extremes of your children.  Lack of chastisement no matter how modest when children go wrong is tantamount to an open invitation of banishment of respect even between you and the children. It explains why some parents suffer unexplained future abandonment by their children. Respect departs from this type of parents in later years, making them an easy target in the hands of severe heartbreak.

The children’s ears are not blocked. Their ears pick the good and bad you speak in their favor, store them to turn them into something positive or negative. Nonsense pampering, lack of firmness and indulging children’s disrespectful acts to outsiders, self or to the people at home is always responsible for children’s hostility and insolence. What do you speak around your children? In what way has your weakness, carelessness, what you term as love for them, lack of understanding of what good manners require and nonchalant attitude contributed lack of respect and good manners in your children’ lives? Make amends today before it’s too late. Help shine better light for them.

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