Respect for Others

Etiquette civilizes every human being who is responsive to its information to treating people of all ages and walks of life properly, being kind, and considerate. And consideration for the rights and feelings of others is not simply a rule for behavior in public but the very foundation upon which social life is built.

One of the rules of etiquette, the first which hundreds of people simply summarize or explain or decorate is: Never to do anything that is unkind to others. Never take more than your share—whether of the road in driving a car, of chairs on a train or seats on a bus, or food at the table.

People who dispose dirt into drains leave heavy rainfall to expose this drainage and then, cause deadly triad of virus, bacteria and fungi in the community. You can’t possibly call yourself a well-mannered considerate fellow if this is your behavior. Just the other day, when I was traveling on the public bus, the window of the car driving side by side with my bus opened. A driver of the car pushed his hand out and dropped plastic of drinking bottle water onto the road. I suppose others should have been grateful that he didn’t drop the bottle inside his expensive grand car or rather he hadn’t dropped it at all.

Dropping pure water nylon on the streets or thrusting your hand out of your private car or public vehicles to trash snacks nylon, soda and plastic of drinking bottle water along the public highway is not a considerate behavior. By doing this you leave a great mess for other people to walk or drive past, and to make a producing place for flies, mosquitoes and supply sustenance for malaria and other bacteria. 

Choose a nice way to repay the land you temporarily occupy. Be considerate of others. Greater dignity of manners is required of all of us. Let us keep our environment clean.

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