Make an Eye Contact

How repeatedly  have you had a discussion with some people who never looked you  in the eye throughout the whole span of conversation? Or possibly  they did meet your gape a few times, but then their eyes moved off to their nails, or to some entity afar-off.  I would like to say this is lack of confidence, and it starts from when a person is young. This unlikable mannerism has cost a lot of people job opportunities. The ability to make eye contact is one of the social skills, companies look for in a job applicant, because this ability makes a person appear agreeable, powerful and confident. These qualities are needed in employees to captivate customers that will thrust the success of a business forward.

Why did I chose to talk about this topic this evening? About two weeks ago I was on EKO 89.7FM with Olabisi Omidire  a.k.a  Double-O, discussing which manners are most important for kids to possess, and I mentioned "making eye contact."  After the program a friend sent this to me:
"About the stuff on children looking straight in the eye of adults. Me I go plug their eyes if my children do that."
Clearly, this person has misunderstood the good message of this particular manner. Well in general I will say if you are scolding a child and he/or she looks at you in the eye, that's an act of disrespect. Such bad manner makes a child appear unpleasant in the eye of families that promotes civility and as such may not allow their kids to make friends with such a child. However, a cute mistake that some  parents make is to think that their young children are shy or respectful when they avoid looking into a person's eye while having a normal conversation with them. When a child is looking away when he's being greeted or having a normal conversation, this explain lack of confidence.It's unlikable mannerism that should be abolished without delay.

When greeting, your child should shake hands and make eye contact. A deep bow demonstrate respect and making eye contact prove level of confidence. When your child/children is having normal conversation with you or anyone he should make eye contact. The ability to make eye contact is a skill every parent should help their children work on, as it has been shown to produce some incredible benefits in the business settings and life generally.


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