What will phonics do? Phonics - Transform your teaching of early reading and writing. You learn phonetic so you are pronouncing correctly. You learn diction so that it's clear and understandable.

School Owners & Teachers: Enhance your school's brand image. Be able to meet the expectations of parents and build strong brand image for your school, include phonics training in addition to your other services.

Mothers: Teach your children at home. Mothers are able to teach their children independently. Enhance your children English Reading Skills at home with phonics.

Individuals: One-to-one tutoring. One of the biggest frustrations in communication is the inability to understand what a person is saying. So if you've got a poor diction, DRS Phonics Training will teach you to clean it up giving you successful vocal image as you speak.

DRS Phonics Training will teach you to:

Get all children reading, spelling and writing.

Catch up your slow progress readers. 

Get all your reception classes reading and blending over 30 sounds in two months.

DRS Phonics Training also provide:

Whole-school One Package Training (suitable for schools with low pupils turnover)
Training for one-to-one tutoring.
Development Days

Staff trained in Phonics benefit from the support offered through our Development Days. A trainer visits your school to check your reading groups, discuss assessment and tracking, and provide feedback and next steps for future Development Days.

Most schools book a Development Day bundle or Advanced Training Package to keep costs down.

Tutoring & Workshop Based Plans

• One-to-one letter sounds learning for kids in transition stages

(3 months & 2days @ N39K)

• School Phonics Workshop

(2 months N4,500 per child - Development Days bundle package

• School with low pupils Phonics Workshop

(2 months 3k per child - Development Days bundle package)

• Basic Phonics Tutoring for Adults

(2 months @ N35K)

Advanced Phonics Tutoring for Adults

(3 months @ N55k)

Start polishing your diction right away. Read the following with phonetic symbols




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