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DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting is essential skills provider that promise successful everyday life to clients.

Hospital Systems From companies gearing up to expand to the fortune neighborhood banks, I provide Corporate Training and Business Etiquette Seminars and Workshops.

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Corporations and Organizations of all types! No company is exempt!

Personality,  Professionalism, Presentation and Credibility

I quickly recognize the training you and your employees will require to attain the skills to attain your identified goals from the preliminary consultation.  Just a few questions I cover:

1. Why do you want to train your employees in etiquette?

2. Are there specific problems you are trying to address?

3. Do you want to train all employees, or just specific sections?

4. Would you be interested in customized and specialized training for each area of your company?

5. Are there specific employees you feel would benefit more from personalized training?

6. Would you like your employees to learn how to communicate with clients or co-workers more effectively?

7. Is there a specific skill (such as how to introduce people, how to shake hands properly, how to host a business dinner) that you would like your employees to learn?

8. Have your employees had similar training before? Was it effective?

9. Would you like employees to learn more about telephone and email etiquette?

10. Are you interested in teaching your executives formal dining and dinner party etiquette?

11. Would you like to have your employees learn business etiquette?

12. Is your company doing business with any intentional clients?

13. Are you interested in training your key employees in international etiquette?

14. What results would you look for to consider this training a success?

Do you know that not being able to decipher the map of the table in a formal or informal dinner situation could cost you a client or customer? This is just one out of many things considered odd in the business world.
One right approach could seal the deal. Why risk losing when you can send out proper message about your Corporate Image?
Seminars & Workshops

Listed are my etiquette training packages for new hires, seasoned professionals and individuals, I will often customize seminars for different groups and needs, such as schools, companies, professional organizations, churches, associations, universities and individual. For any inquiries, please contact Damilola Ogunremi by telephone at 08170768650, 08037329520 or email at with the subject line ‘Etiquette Inquiries’.


SWP202: Professionalism and Business Dining Etiquette - Private Corporate Coaching
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 7hrs
Business etiquette and professionalism provides the necessary tools to successfully compete in today's competitive corporate environment. This full-day seminar includes: a business lunch and covers topics that will polish the professional presence and help the discerning executive build successful relationships with both employees and clients. Topics include: professional image, professionalism, civility, business etiquette conversation, networking, mingling skills, business dining, and entertainment.

Executive Coaching
Category: Executive Coaching – Private Class
Duration: 30 minutes – 60 minutes per class
Success in your business career and your social life requires that you present yourself as professionally confident and socially polished. Take your success to the next level with this dynamic program. Let me show you how to strengthen your personal presence, whether you are in the board room or dining with dignitaries. To purchase an Executive Coaching Package, interested persons may choose from the following topics:
                       Boardroom protocol
         Unwritten codes of business
       Media savvy
         Relationship building
          Business travel
       Mastering the first meeting
Connecting with decision makers
Electronic etiquette
Bow, handshake, or kiss?
  Professional business dress
Presence and poise
    Reception vs. receiving lines
Cocktail party strategies
Cross cultural business etiquette
Networking skills
Seniority and deference
Avoiding business faux pas
Advanced dining skills
Silverware savvy
Business body language
The silent service code
Business entertaining
Professional correspondence
Addressing dignitaries
SWP206: The Cutting Point Interview
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 60 minutes – 90 minutes
When individuals feel comfortable about protocol and social skills, it allows them to put their best foot forward where it means the most. In this confidence-boosting class whether preparing for an internship or a prospective job, participants will learn how the powerful principles of etiquette can help them shine through the interview process. Topics include: pr-interview prep, dress and appearance, entrances and departures, best interview manners and attitude, verbal and nonverbal communication, interview questions and answers, thank-you note and follow up.

SWP214: Mingle Mingle
Category: Social Etiquette
Duration:  60 minutes – 90 minutes – 2hrs
A great deal of success in business and social environments is dependent upon people skills. Learn how to make a successful entrance and initiate a conversation. Focus in this class will be on appropriate topics for: small talk and overcoming ’mingle-phobia,’ how to create the most effective first impression through proper handshaking, eye contact, introductions, and appropriate nonverbal communication. And finally, on mastering the art of a graceful escape. Other topics include: wearing a name badge, business card etiquette, juggling hors d'oeuvres and, handling difficult foods. This course is a must-have for anyone who attends business gatherings, cocktail parties, parents' association meetings, school socials or civic and community events.  

SWP105: Credible Professionals
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 60 minutes – 90 minutes
This training covers the following situations like business meetings, introductions, business cards, and the art of business handshake, email etiquette, telephone etiquette, corporate gifting and business dining. A specific topic can be chosen for training, but the whole topics are available for one – two weeks of seminar and workshop.

SWP400: On Your Top Most Behavior
Category: Social Etiquette
Duration: 60 minutes – 90minutes
This social gathering etiquette offers guidelines to participants what they are supposed to do at events be it special or sad. Included is proper wardrobe topic.

SWP 111: Dining 101
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 3hrs
This class focuses on business professionalism as it relates to dining and entertaining clients. The tutorial begins with pr-event preparation and moves to the meal, covering such subjects as napkin, bread and butter etiquette, table settings, identification and use of utensils, plates, and glassware, American and Continental styles of dining, behavior at the table, eating usual and uncommon foods, taking a client to eat seating, and much more. Additionally, the class touches on appropriate business attire, handshakes, wearing name badges, exchanging business cards, thank you notes, and tips on moving through a buffet line.

SWP312: The Sales Street
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: Two weeks at 45 minutes – 2hrs per class
This training offers sales staff the essential manners required to get more sales. The class covers the basics for:  establishing rapport, greeting and, acknowledging others, and conducting conversations effectively and politely, addressing others, kissing customers, your professional image, political dialogue to avoid, business card in the social-media world, handing out business cards texting that is suitable for business, telephone etiquette, email etiquette, the art of business handshake, the art of good listening and feedback, you as a host dining with current or potential clients, meal concerns, making reservations, how you treat the waiters, you as a guest dining with clients, meal concerns, thank-you notes, and more.

SWP651: Healthcare Professionals First Protocols
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 2 ⅔ hours
This workshop is specific to the healthcare profession and is designed around first impressions and body language. Participants will learn how words, actions, and appearance make all the difference in building relationships with patients and other employees. The focus is on people skills such as: listening, learning, pulling together and bringing out the best in others which are accomplished through kindness, consideration, respect, and honesty. Participants will learn how to meet and greet others, how to identify common courtesies and avoid rude behaviors, and how to deal with difficult patients and gossip in the workplace.

SWP 401: Your Career or Office Party
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 2hrs
This seminar offers office party etiquette such as how to: dress appropriately for corporate gatherings, lodging etiquette, eating, drinking, and merry in moderation without ruining the professional image. With this training you could still keep your career while you get in the holiday spirit and be merry with buddies from your company.

SWP807: Applying Business Etiquette to Customer Services
Category: Communication Etiquette
Duration: 3hrs – 4hrs
Employees needs to be professional, above average, and well respected in order to create a reputation of the highest regard. This communication workshop for customer service employee or call center agents is for companies that are focused on creating professional environment, offering the best customer service and companies gearing up to expand. The topics include: attitude, source of profit, names, greetings, verbal and nonverbal communication, customer relations, listening skills, professional courtesy, dealing with difficult customers, handling the smallest details, telephone etiquette, telephone and email customer service etiquette instructions, rewards from satisfied customers and teamwork.

MSF162: How to be Amazing at a Dinner Party
Category: Family Etiquette
Duration: 5hrs
Manners are most on display at the table. Learn table manners, dining skills and polite table behavior using a sample table setting and dining chart. This exciting and informative class includes such topics as: napkin etiquette, American versus Continental styles of dining, eating unusual foods and identification and proper use of china, glassware and utensils. Participants will practice what they've learned over a three-course meal. In addition, they will learn important confidence-boosting social graces such as meeting, greeting, handshakes, and introductions, receiving gifts, giving and receiving compliments.

MSF162a: Building the Civilized Home
Category: Family Etiquette
Duration: 1hr – 2hrs
This class offers guidelines to creating a nurturing environment in the home where children have model courteous behavior to imitate. It includes such topics such as: fairness around the house, TV civility, in the kitchen and in the bathroom etiquette, receiving friends of children, sharing a room when the door is closed, respecting others’ property in the home and in the neighborhood, tidiness, allowance, slamming doors, stories that frightens, house help relationships, and mixed family do’s and don’ts.

SWP160: Is Rudeness Costing Your Business?
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 2hrs
This class is designed to help small business owners maintain their customers and gain new ones. Participants will learn how to build positive relationship between clients/customers and staff, feedback and proper reaction, telephone and email etiquette.

SWP299: The Professional Woman: Polishing Your Professional Image
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 3hrs
In today's competitive market, it is important to have a clear understanding of business etiquette even as a woman. It's what will distinguish an ordinary professional woman from an extraordinary one. You will stand out from your peers and competition when you hone your interpersonal skills, apply professional touches when doing business around the world, and learn to treat your customers/clients with courtesy, kindness and respect.

SWP267: Professionalism in the Workplace
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: one week 45minutes per class a day
After you’ve gotten that dream job, the next move is to hone those skills that will give you a competitive edge in the workplace. This class covers such topics as:  business clothing and accessories,  grooming errors, business dinner, language to steer clear of in the working environment, political dialogue to avoid, office romance, kissing colleagues, responses to avoid, habits that limits promotions, powerful communication approach, digital workplace, tweets and posts that can cost your job, social networking on the company’s time, email in the workplace, slighting language to avoid, word choice, labors’ fatal crimes to avoid, right attitude to feedback, disapproving praises

SWP175: Achieve a Better Look
Category: Physical Appearance
Duration: 60 minutes -90minutes
This consultation analyzes the client’s physical appearance: skin color, hair, makeup to determine and recommend beauty treatment or suggest makeup and hairstyles to client’s physical appearance.

SWP67: Clothes-Minded
Category: Wardrobe
Duration: 60 minutes – 90 minutes
There are good reasons you must pay attention to your clothing choices. A businessperson’s clothing accounts for a large part of the impressions he or she makes on others. Clothing, an important of nonverbal communication, can enhance a person’s professional reputation or lessen his or her credibility. You want to send a professional image through clothing choices. With this wardrobe consultation, your wardrobe is reviewed to determine what should be discarded or purchased, coordinating your outfits and organizing your wardrobe. And if you’re an older person surrounded by younger people a contemporary wardrobe can deduct 10 years or more from your appearance. DRS coaching can help.

SWP487: Evaluate Your Communication
Category: Communication Class
Duration: 2 ⅔ hours
This communication class is designed to evaluate elements that can have negative impact on your career with such topics as: diction, apology, over talking, self-discounting language, assertive statements, diction, what’s your face and hand saying, voice, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, handshakes, posture and eye contact, effective communication, social media and guideline for photographs.

SWP69: Business Etiquette Lunch
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 2hrs
Table manners are often a precursor to being hired by a formal company because it is believed that he or she who demonstrates deft precision with cutlery will usually practice the same when faced with a crucial deal. If you have ever lost a golden opportunity to a means of livelihood while interviewing for a job during a powerful lunch or lost a deal with a potential client, then this class is for you. Participants in this class will learn: table manners, dining skills, polite table behavior and business entertaining tips, using a sample table setting and dining chart. This fun and informative class includes such topics as napkin etiquette, American and Continental styles of dining, eating unusual foods, identification and proper use of china, glassware, utensils, attire, business card exchange, toasting, and so much more. New skills will be practiced over lunch.

SWP59: The Great Imprint
Category: Hospitality Etiquette
Duration: 3hrs
This vibrant class trains hotel staff, country clubs, cruise lines, conference centers, convention centers, and tourist attractions how to: set the tables, how to greet, how to serve properly, status, forms of address, telephone etiquette language, and calming the grumpy customer.

SWP179: Etiquette for Bank Teller
Category: Banking Etiquette
Duration: Two days 2hrs – 3hrs
When recruiting people who are just getting started in the banking career, it’s a good idea to get them started on the right foot. This class discusses: business outfit, communication skills, telephone etiquette within the bank, what to do when customers or co-workers put you in an uncomfortable situation, accepting gifts, preparing new and seasoned employees alike for bank robberies, what to do to prevent bank robbery and what to do in the event of a bank robbery.

SWP: Professional Breakfast
Category: Networking Etiquette
Duration: 60 minutes – 90 minutes
Just because a business function takes place outside the corporate boardroom, never assume it’s not about work. This class incorporates all the discipline surrounding professional breakfast with such topics as: invitations, host and guest etiquette, introduction, appropriate dress, tea etiquette, rule of buffet table, proper way to butter and eat bread, interacting with servers, interacting with other invitees, excusing you from the table, taking your leave, and thank-you notes.

SWP09: Your Social Media Bites or Your Job?
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: 60 minutes – 90 minutes
Don’t lose your job based on your social media use. This class offers the guidelines to maintain your professional image while using the social-medial platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

SWP404: Hosting
Category: Social Etiquette
Duration: 60 minutes per class for 2day
In this training participant will learn about: dinners and parties, business events, business holidays, being a good host, being a polite guest, making toasts, sending, receiving and declining invitations. This training can be combined with dinning etiquette upon request.

SWP465: Schmoozing
Category: Networking Etiquette
Duration: 2hrs
In this training attendee will learn the basics for: establishing rapport, greeting, acknowledging others, and conducting conversations effectively and politely, address, how to handout a business cards, the art of business handshakes, how to introduce people in business meetings and how to make small talk.

SWP371: The Power of Culture
Category: International Protocol
Duration: Time depend on the topic or topics selected
Knowing proper business etiquette and international protocol is essential in a competitive market. This class teaches international protocol to clients seeking employment with a foreign corporation, trying to market a product or service to a foreign corporation, hosting a foreigner in their home, working with array of people of different nationalities, wanting to broaden horizons or planning to travel abroad and any government agency that receives distinguished visitors such as heads of state or celebrities.  Time of training depend on client’s international protocol needs.

SWP46: The Placement of Everything
Category: Dinning Etiquette
Duration: 2hrs
In this workshop participants will learn what each piece of silverware is used for and the drinks that will be poured into each glass, and also glean into a review of the art of dinner party conversation.

SWP146: Wedding Bells
Category: Wedding Etiquette
Advice relating to your wedding issues is available.

SWP146: Hiring
Category: Business Etiquette
Duration: Time depend on etiquette concern
Business etiquette and executive level interview training is available for recruiting firm candidates.

Other Topics to Consider

Etiquette for living a job
    Etiquette for job seekers, job-hunting mistakes and job hunting tips
   Business social events, what is expected of you
   Dressing for promotion
   Corporate executives wardrobe
    The right image for the spouse of a recently promoted executives
    Women who want a new look
     Answering machine etiquette
     Business card etiquette
     Cancer survivors
     Beauty pageant contests
    Singles seeking a partner
    Television personalities

For any inquiries, please contact Damilola Ogunremi by telephone at 08170768650, 08037329520 or email at with the subject line ‘Etiquette Inquiries’.

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