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Etiquette Tips
  •         Easy to have good manners – These basic rules of proper etiquette are mostly common sense with a healthy dose of the Golden Rule thrown in for good measure.
  •        Be on time – For any occasion special or sad – No one likes to wait for others who are chronically late. It is very important to use well the time we’ve been given. The key to avoid being late is to have good planning.
  •   Men’s manners – You should be careful not to pass in front of a lady in order to get to a door.
  •        Women’s manners –Socially, ladies should hold doors, just, like men especially when they see someone with arms full of packages, pushing stroller or alone in a wheelchair.
  •        Teens’ manners – Show everyone how grown up you are by demonstrating good manners.
  •   Children’s manners – When children are very young, it’s better to encourage them to hold back their comments about personal qualities or actions of others. As your child gets old encourage him or her to say nice things. It may help to tell your child to focus on something specific. For example, if your child is admiring a friend’s dress, she should say, “I think that your dress really look nice on you.” He or she shouldn’t say, “You always look gorgeous” – it won’t sound true. And he or she shouldn’t ask where the friend bought the dress from. The simple rule to follow is: Considering the feelings of others, remember good manners before you speak your comments and compliments.

Regardless of who you are, you’ll have the need to communicate throughout your life. Being a good communicator can do a variety of things for you, including sharing important information, winning people to your side, and raising your children.

Learning to communicate:
      Conversation –Being a good conversationalist can draw people to you and enhance your overall professional image. As a business professional, make sure you demonstrate good manners through every interaction. Everyone you encounter, from doorkeeper to company’s president, should be treated with the same graciousness. Learn how to hold a decent conversation, with back-and-forth dialogue. Don’t monopolize a discussion, or you may find yourself stuck in a corner trying to figure out why others are walking a wide berth around you.
      Gossip – There is always an audience for someone who is willing to talk about others at their back. Gossips are reports about other people typically involving details which are not confirmed true. They are easy way to put down someone and laugh, but they are bad. People might listen when you gossip and laugh, but they will be worried your gossip will soon be turned on them. Avoid gossips. It doesn’t do a person’s image good.
       People’s names - Everyone has one, and most people appreciate your effort to learn their names if you spend more than a minute or two talking with them. This applies to social and business contacts. The key to remembering name is to use the name immediately in conversation. Learn more on names
   Cell phones – It is easy to be rude or offend someone carelessly on the phone as it is on any other electronic device. Maybe you are tethered to a land-line or using a smartphone, here is one manner out of many for using phone in business. Use a greeting, and give your name when answering the phone. Instead of “hello who am I speaking to?” Say “Hello” or “Good morning,” and say your full name rather than just your first name.
   Email – Email remains one of the most important ways in which people communicate in today’s work place, yet, business people still make embarrassing mistakes when sending messages to customers, colleagues, bosses or potential clients. Always double check your messages before you hit “send.” Most electronic mail can never be taken back.
  Social media –People have made all sorts of mistakes by being careless with the technology. On Facebook, Twitter, and your other social-media sites, pay attention. Be professional. Know what image you are projecting. Remember that not only can your friends see what you post, others can repost, share, or retweet anything you put out there. You don’t want to say or do anything that might prompt others to question your competence or that might negatively impact your career.
  •        Rude questions - We have all gotten them. There are ways to deal with them and not come across as snaky.

When you are ordering from a menu, remember to stick with foods that are easy to manage. You don’t want to be wrestling with a lobster and trying to talk business at the same time. The same goes for difficult foods.

Learn proper table manners:
         Some Don’ts of Dining – Don’t put liquid in your mouth while you are still chewing.
    Don’t chew with your mouth open
       Don’t talk with food in your mouth
    Don’t mash your food together on a plate
      Restaurant manners – What do you do when the restaurant utensils is wrapped in a napkin? In this situation, you need to help set the table. Unwrap the napkin and place the utensils on the table in proper order: fork to the left and knife and spoon to your right. The napkin then goes on your lap.
      Formal dinner – Deciphering the map of the table can help you ease into formal or informal dining situations. To eliminate the confusion of which plate to use or which glass is yours, remember this rule of thumb: Anything to do with food is located on your left and anything involved with beverages is found on the right.
Just doing business in today’s, competitive, global business environment is not enough. You need to stand out and in a good way. You want others to see you as a competent, credible individual. And that means you nee-d to have a polished, professional appearance.
How to have good manners in business:
     Business relationships – The handshake is the business greetings in the work place. Both men and women should shake hands. Avoid kiss or hug in business settings except when you know the other person well. Even at that use common sense while applying this form of greetings.
      Proper attire – Clothing, is an important form of nonverbal communication. Therefore, a professional should always check if their clothing complies with their company’s dress code.
    Getting ahead –The dynamics of the workplace are continually evolving, there are always more skills to be learned by anyone who takes an active, enthusiastic role in his or her own career development. Let etiquette professionals provide you with the skills that will give you a competitive edge in your career. These skills will give you the poise and self-assurance that will enable advance in your career and have your superiors see you as someone interested in advancement. Damning business manners can bring career consequences when you take your professional image for granted. Learn what is expected in order to get ahead in your business.
      Office cubicles - Cubicle dwelling can be tiring during the best of times. Knowing how to work closely with others is essential for anyone in an office.
      Shaking hands – When you are introduced to someone it is proper to stand and extend your hand in greeting.  In that occasion when you are introduced to someone and your hands are full, it is acceptable in this case to nod your head in greeting. A decent handshake can give someone a good first impression. Try to learn the business handshake.
   Business gifts – Gifting a gift as a token to celebrate a special occasion, a promotion, or a job well done seems appropriate. But take care to learn the gift-giving protocol for the country concerned.
      Acknowledge others - When someone comes up with a brilliant idea or does something others need to know about, be the first to congratulate him or her. Do this on your LinkedIn, in meetings or in front of the boss to show that you are a team player.
Out and About
Once you’re outside your house, there are lists of rules to match everywhere you go. Learn what they are, or you may come across as boorish and crass. You don’t want to be “that person” who never bothers to learn proper etiquette, do you?
Etiquette outside your home:
Commuting – There are building blocks of bad manners these days with bus riding. To maintain a level of civilization, everybody’s cooperation is required. Here are a few manners you need to know to bus with the best:
·         Let people off before you get on.
·         Have your money ready before you get on or once you take your seat.
·         If you have to stand, move to the rear. If everybody crowds into two square feet at the front because one person is blocking the aisle, a bulls nudge works wonders. If you don’t have one handy, a simple “Excuse me,could I get by?” or “Could you please move down?” should be enough.
·         If the bus is crowded, don’t take up more than your fair share of space by spreading your belongings and/or body parts over several seats.

         Working out - Learn how to behave at the gym, or you might wind up facing off with the super buff guy who has no patience for a rude gym member.
      At the beach – Who doesn’t love the sun, sand, and surf? Make your trip to the beach more enjoyable by following a few basic rules of good manners. Some people are lucky enough to have a summer home on a private beach, but most of us need to get along with others on crowded public beaches and help our children do the same. Choose a spot on the beach for your family and keep your beach bags, toys, chairs, and blankets together. If you have young children who will do a lot of running from the water’s edge to their sand castle, select a spot close to the water. Talk to your child about not running through the sand or snapping his towel in the air—flying sand stings and sticks to sunbathers covered with lotion, and cold water from the suit of a child who has just been in the surf is jolting when it hits someone nearby.
       In the air –How can you do your part to restore some civility to the once friendly skies? These are a few manners to apply in the air:
     Before boarding, anticipate what you’ll want to keep at your seat. This way, you can stow your carry-on bags quickly and efficiently, and 300 people won’t have to wait while you stand in the aisle deciding which CDs to listen to during the flight.
         Don’t throw up on your neighbor. Use the airsickness (a.k.a. barf) bag. If you’re feeling queasy, take deep breaths. Aim the little fresh-air nozzle at your face. Pretend that you’re lying on a calm, sunny beach.
          If you recline your seat back, do it slowly so the person behind you doesn’t suddenly get a tray table in the jaw.
        Weddings – Wedding is one of the most important events where your behavior will be noticed. Make sure you use your social skills of good manners while you help celebrate a couple’s union.
      Funerals – Dress conservatively to funerals.You don’t have to wear black, but loud, attention getting outfits are out of place. This isn’t the time for fashion statements other than one of respect for the solemnity of the occasion and/or the traditions of the family.



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