Meet Damilola Ogunremi

Damilola Ogunremi has spent sixteen years working in education, where she worked with children, pre-teens and teenagers and taught variety of different skills. She conducted classes on different topics, but her favorites were always the ones on how to act decently and treat people nicely. After many years Damilola founded DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting. For more than two years now Damilola has taught etiquette to different people in different industries. She is an expert on all things etiquette, and has great insight into how etiquette can impact client and employee relations. Damilola also has years of experience in English Phonology which is priceless to those companies who take premium on the quality of their employees' diction.

Damilola's presentations are engaging, informative and fun. With great humor, entertaining stories and great message, she covers a variety of business etiquette, customer service, and communication topics that address today's workplace challenges and opportunities.

Damilola’s training modules for children and youth provides instruction on the value of proper behavior, character, and self-image development. Her message inspires youth to take control of their destiny in the world where good character and proper spoken language are crucial.

Damilola speaks to groups large and small and can customize a presentation that motivates, educates, and entertains your participants at your next conference, meeting or church services.

Clients' have described Damilola's presentation as "significant," "witty," "memorable," "humorous," "engaging," "useful," "delightful," "polished and approachable with interesting stories.

Damilola's services include private instruction for parents and families, pronunciation proficiency seminar for teachers, trouble at home youth, youth churches, sports clubs and children clubs. There is so much choice when training with her. To see more of etiquette and image services she offers, please go back to the homepage to view the DRS PROSPECTUS.

For any inquiries, please contact Damilola Ogunremi by telephone at 08170768650, 07055245810 or email at drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com with the subject line 'Etiquette Inquiries.'

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